Established in 1963, LTD Commodities is a catalog retail distributor that offers decorations for the home, gifts, dining and kitchen wares, toys, fashion items, and many other trendy, up-to-the-minute products. With a new Christmas 2011 catalog available online or in print, customers can shop for all their Christmas gifts and save money with the low prices at LTD Commodities. This year, LTD Commodities offers Christmas decorations, specialty matching pajama and plush doll sets, photo albums, jewelry, and much more for the shopper who is looking for one place to buy everything. LTD Commodities even offers official National Football League merchandise for the sports fan in the household and Twilight-themed gifts for the vampire fanatic.

LTD Commodities provides a quick, user-friendly way of ordering gifts and other items. A Quick Order form at the top of its website lets customers order their products with ease. LTD Commodities offers an e-mail sign-up form so customers can receive free LTD Commodities catalogs, e-mails, and promotions. Visit to sign up or browse the many available catalogs.

With departments like Apparel and Beauty, Housewares and Dining, Holiday, For the Home, Bed and Bath, and Toys and Sports, LTD Commodities meets the needs of a broad range of shoppers. The company also maintains a customer satisfaction policy that encourages the customer to return any defective or unwanted product for a replacement or refund. Online shoppers can choose to look through each of several catalogs online, including Warehouse Blowouts, Harvest 2011, Christmas Gifts 2011, and Online Only Specials. The Deal of the Week is a popular feature on the LTD Commodities website, featuring deeply discounted items, many of them with a seasonal theme.

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2800 Lakeside Dr., Bannockburn, IL 60015, United States of America

LTD Commodities - Family Owned and Operated

Address: 2800 Lakeside Dr., Bannockburn, IL 60015, United States of America